Empowering couriers and businesses with
On-Demand delivery

Open up new revenue streams with WuHu.  A platform bridging the gap between local independent couriers and business.


Why WuHu?

WuHu empowers local independent couriers to connect with local businesses and customers to provide reliable delivery services, grow their business network and make great money through the WuHu Platform. A marketplace connecting local couriers with local businesses.

You’re in control

With WuHu couriers and businesses create independent profiles, set their preferences and let the system seamlessly do the rest connecting orders with local couriers, tracking each order from start to finish. Use platform tools and features to customise your service.

Empowering you

WuHu is the first peer to peer community driven platform dedicated to empowering local communities with the tools, latest technology and features to be independently empowered. Captivate customers with on demand delivery and grow your services.

So, how does it work for a business?

1Getting Started

Creating your WuHu Vendor profile is easy and free. Create your account, tell couriers about your business delivery needs, operating hours, add your payment method and start posting orders to couriers in the vicinity.

Our pricing tips recommend competitive rates but what you pay couriers through WuHu is always up to you.

Getting Started
Pay Per Orders

2Pay Per Order or Hire          by Hour

You can start booking couriers on the fly with Pay per Order for quick punchy sporadic orders that need to be delivered ASAP or Hire by Hour to meet the demands of those busy shifts.

Just login, select your preferred service, set the date, time, delivery address and description for your booking and Post-IT! Done – it's that easy.

Pay Per Orders

3Track Orders & Hires

The multi-order tracker compiles all of your open courier engagements, so you'll always know how your orders are performing every step of the way from being Posted to Delivered.

  • Posted
  • Accepted
  • Collected
  • Delivered
Track Orders
Grow your Network

4Grow Your Network

You can view local couriers already using WuHu or invite friends and individuals to join. Use the invite Courier or Business option in your WuHu profile to invite others and grow your local network.

Grow your Network

Post to Network or Individual

To make sure businesses are always best served and in full control of their delivery service businesses can directly post orders to individual couriers or post orders to the network of couriers in the vicinity on a first come first serve basis.

Hire a Courier

Businesses can hire couriers by the hour at the courier’s private hire rate providing businesses a flexible solution to secure dedicated couriers for those busy shifts.

So, how does it work for a courier?

1Getting Started

WuHu is the first peer to peer platform dedicated to allowing independent couriers to directly connect, customise and grow their delivery service with businesses. Creating your WuHu profile is easy and free.

  • Have a Smartphone - Iphone 5S and above or Android 4.3 and above
  • Download the app, create a profile providing a description of your delivery service.
  • Make sure your courier service is compliant with regulations and you possess courier/ haulage insurance.

Whether it’s the first time your providing a courier service, an experienced courier, own a courier fleet or looking for an additional source of income WuHu makes it easy to get started earning great money and growing your courier service with local customers.

Getting Started
Collect and Delivery

2Pay per Order or Hire          by Hour

Get paid per order delivered or hire by hour completed at your private hire rate. Each business sets their preferred price for pay per order bookings on WuHu. Accept the orders and hires your like.

WuHu delivery protocol requires that each Pay per Order will have a unique Collection and Drop-off code. Likewise each Hire by Hour booking has a unique Shift Code. You will need to collect the codes from your customer for all engagements on WuHu to be rewarded for completing each booking.

  • Accept Order
  • Enter Collection Code
  • Enter Drop-off Code
  • Complete Order
Collect and Delivery

3Getting Paid

Once each order and hire is completed WuHu’s secure payment system will automatically charge the customer and credit your account so you never have to deal with money directly. Funds are automatically deposited to your bank account every 7 days. For example activity completed on Monday will be deposited to your bank account the following Monday.

Getting Paid
Grow your Network

4Grow your network

You can view local businesses already using WuHu or invite local businesses to join. Use the invite Business and Courier option in your WuHu profile to invite others  and grow your network so customers can directly book your services.

Grow your Network

Accept Multiple Orders

With the multi-order feature couriers can accept orders for immediate delivery whilst also accepting orders for delivery in the future. With the multi order feature couriers can accept multiple orders to their delivery list and manage each order from start to finish.

Private Hire

With the private hire option couriers can create their own Private Hire rate per hour and get hired by the hour by local businesses. At the end of each Private Hire shift couriers get automatically credited for each completed engagement.

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