About us

Democratising on Demand Delivery

We are a small decentralised company that love innovative teams, forming and executing ideas that cause cascading opportunities that empower and transform local communities.

WuHu was created in 2018 when its founders decided to partner up creating a diverse, geographically distributed team of dreamers, creators, developers and engineers. We are always looking for equally driven and passionate Individuals and Partners who want to be a part of something transformational.

Our mission.

It is our belief that so many great technologies and solutions remain prohibitively out of reach of the local businesses and individuals that so often need them most to be empowered and to competitively compete in an increasingly digital and online economy. Our mission is to perturb this trend and create tools and solutions that create a more fair, transparent platform configuration for the free flow of ideas and value to local communities, businesses and individuals.

Be empowered

It is our intention that millions of people and businesses around the world be empowered by the WuHu platform to grow their business and create new opportunities. We are dedicated to using the WuHu platform to continuously democratise technology for small businesses, create innovative products, features and options that empower users to grow. To find out more about new features and releases coming soon please contact us.